Chakro Bokoutchava

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Summer day. 2000


Daydreaming. 1996 


Cafe at a sea. 1996


Garland-guessing. 2000


Coffee-grounds fortune telling. 1998




At a round table.1999


Two sisters.1999




Pianist in blue.2000


A Saint Petersburg stillife.2000


Marocco landscape.1999


Blue morning.1999


Terebounovo bathhouses.1999






Stillife with pears.1999


The Amra cafe frequenters.1998






White dance.1997

15.02.1951 Born in Otchamtchiri (Georgia)
1968-1974 Studied at Art School in Sukhumi (Georgia) 
1973-1979 Attended Varvara Bubnova's "Home Academy" in Sukhumi 
1975-1979 Built up studio in Sukhumi - jewellery and painting 
1979 First personal exhibition in Sukhumi 
1981 Accepted into Painters' Society 
1981-1989 Took part in over 60 exhibitions of the Painters' Society in Moscow, Sukhumi, Tbilisi, Tashkent and Berlin 
1989 Moved to St. Petersburg 
1989-1992 Several regional exhibitions in and around St. Petersburg 
1992 TINATIN Gallery, Berlin 
1993 PALYTRA Gallery, St. Petersburg 
1993 Member of the international UNESCO Federation of Painters 
1993 Central Gallery of the Painters' Society in St. Petersburg LENEXPO, St.Petersburg 
1994 Group exhibitions around Heidelberg 
1995 Commerzbank, Johannesburg, South Africa 
1996 Gallery Kluber, Weinheim, Germany 
1998 Villa Meixner, Bruhl, Germany 
1998 Gallerie Pro Arte Kasper, Morges, Switzerland 
Dec.1998 - Jan.1999 "Christmas Exhibition", Exhibition Centre of the Painters' Society in St. Petersburg, Russia 
1999 Galerie Van Eijk, Rotterdam, Netherlands 
1999 Fuhrungsakademie des Landes Baden-Wurttemberg, Karlsruhe, Germany 
1999 ACRITEC, Munich, Germany 
2000 K-Galerie, Munich, Germany 
Nov.2000 - Mar.2001 Russian Resplendence II Exhibition, Fred Kavli Theatre, Thousand Oaks, CA, USA 

Chakro Bokoutchava is a free artist. 
He lives and works in Saint Petersburg. 
Paintings by Chakro Bokoutchava have been purchased by the Credit Lyonnais Bank, the Commerzbank in South Africa, the Art Museum in Tbilisi, the Art Gallery in Sukhumi and by galleries and private collectors in Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Japan, South Africa, Sweden and USA.

Studio tel/fax: +7 812 273 40 52 



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